Navigating Your Business to Success

Earning a dollar is not as simple as it used to be. Business owners and entrepreneurs are having to shoulder added costs from price inflation, increased competition domestically and internationally, as well as increased regulations, taxation and paperwork in a market with consumers who do not have as much cash to spend as they used to. Gimmicks, guarantees, illegal labor practices, warranty, bankruptcies, and defective goods make business owners easy legal targets requiring them to always be prepared in this increasingly hostile business environment.

Wooten Law Group faces these same challenges and we are here to help you succeed as our attorneys are in business themselves. They are aware of the struggles that you face and can guide you to avoid common pitfalls. In addition, we represent you before regulatory agencies, courts and other entities regarding your compliance with contracts, regulations, and laws. More importantly, we know that we must deliver lasting value for your dollar spent, maximizing your cost for a benefit received. Count the cost before you build. Any business enterprise will have costs, risks and rewards; expected and unexpected.

Whether you need help building an S Corporation, a C Corporation, an LLC, applying for tax-exempt and 501(c)(3) status or becoming a minority-owned or 8(a) certified business, we have experience in:

  • Helping you choose the right type of entity
  • Establishing your business entity
  • Preparing or amending Articles of Organization
  • Drafting or updating Operating Agreements
  • Preparing and negotiating sales, distribution, licensing, and other agreements
  • Maintaining your business entity and fulfilling the requirements of the State Corporation Commission
  • Serving as a Registered Agent

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