Guiding Your Growing Family in the Right Direction

At Wooten Law Group, PLC, family is our passion and as adoption attorneys we get the wonderful opportunity to help families grow. Whether you are a birth parent making the brave choice to place your child, a gestational carrier who wants to carry a child for someone else, or a potential adoptive parent hoping for an addition to your family, Wooten Law Group is here to help.

Typical legal scenarios for adoptions include parental, stepparent, relative, agency and/or foster care placements, re-adoptions from other countries, and adult adoptions.

Reproductive law options include the use of surrogates, gestational carriers, egg and sperm donors and embryo donation.

Wooten Law Group can aid with a variety of legal issues including all your adoption needs, legal matters across state lines and contested adoption litigation cases, contact us today to see how Wooten Law Group can guide you through the adoption process.

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